Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This and that..

Here is another strange flower. I got the seeds from a friend but she didn't know what the plant was called--only that it had white flowers. That it does. It opens up like a morning glory. It reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe's painting of the jimson weed flower. Which is quite beautiful. The bloom only lasts about a day, and then it sets a spiny little seed pod.

It has been raining a lot lately--had three days last week of rain--a little sunny break for the last barrel racing show over the weekend, and then back to rain today.

About 2/3rds of our 66 acres got reseeded for alfalfa so the timely rain is really helping it sprout. The seeds are valuable--a fifty pound bag of seed sells for $265! Luckily we didn't have to buy it, but the farmer who is renting the land had to buy tons of it. It's getting a good start at this rate.

The days are noticeably shorter now and it has that end of summer look around here. All the rain has sent the flowers into a downward spiral and the veggies into high gear. It's a jungle out there! Giant cukes went to the horses and chickens and the cabbages are bursting open. I explored the depths of the humungous pumpkin leaves and found four--or more--giant pumpkins that are larger than a bushel basket. They are dark green now so they will probably keep growing until they start ripening.

I'm feeling a bit creaky and off center these days. I think it is stemming from having too many different things going on. No energy to do all the yukky things that need to be done before I can get to something more interesting.

Our frig and washer went to appliance heaven at about the same time so the new appliances we ordered last week got delivered today. One thing leading to another, which always happens, it set the day up for lots of cleaning and shuffling stuff around. The old frig isn't quite dead yet so it went to the porch to be the veggie storage bin--if I can get it adjusted enough to quit freezing everything that gets pushed to the back. I'm worrying about getting stuff done for the art tour and it seems like there is always something keeping me from "getting ready".

I got to ride yesterday a.m. and p.m. to try to get me out of my funk. We had several days off due to rain and the weekend show so it was good to do something that felt....normal. Paisley cat followed Chy and me out on our ride last evening! He ran along with us all the way to the 66 and darted into the woods while we had a lope to the far end and back. Called him out of the woods and decided to put him inside my sweatshirt and give him a ride back. The nut went for it and thankfully Chy agreed to it, too. He is such a strange and wonderful little fellow. He is readily hopping on Chy's back when we do our round pen exercises and is very careful to not use claws! I have to get pics----Paisley and his horse.

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