Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Story of the Zucchetto

The days of summer lasted three minutes each and now the apples are falling and the leaves will be turning next.

While summer was passing by the SherriStudio Etsy store has outdone itself and put the old lady into work mode again! Kind of like when I was 40.

One of the more interesting projects arrived this summer........ as posted from my Etsy store listing, here is the story of the zucchetto.

I didn't even know what a zucchetto was until I got a request to custom make a display case for one! 

My customer was so kind to send this message upon receiving her order. She shared with me the purpose of this custom order. Her words follow..........

"Hi Sherri!

The case did arrive in one piece and from the pictures my fiancé has shown me, it looks AWESOME. 
My fiancé has a radio show on SiriusXM satellite radio, on the Catholic Channel; and he works for Cardinal Timothy Dolan of NYC. We go to Rome regularly and through a friend at the Vatican we were able to get a zucchetto (the white hat) swapped out with Pope Francis'. It's a long standing tradition that if you buy the zucchetto from the store in Rome that makes the pope's clothing (and hat), and you have the occasion to meet the Holy Father, he will "trade" you. Although we didn't get to do it in person, a friend presented it to Pope Francis on our behalf and got the swap! 

It's something very special to us so I knew we needed to find an equally special way to display it, and your case was just the ticket! My fiancé Periscoped (live video stream) today about it and folks were asking how we found a "zucchetto case". Little do they know! :) 

Thanks for helping us out! We couldn't be happier! 

Welcome to America, Pope Francis!