Monday, March 28, 2011

Four week update

Our little girl is on the right. She's darker than her litter mates and according to Ruth, her human mommy, she is very sweet!

Looks like that to me, too. She has a very steady, intense, look about her. She knows she has a family who is waiting for her, and is trying to connect with her over the air waves!

We have been asked about what we are going to name her. It's hard to do when you haven't met the young lady yet! Suggestions have followed: Hilda (mine), Maggie (Don), Ellie, Martha, Eleanor, Bessie............ feel free to add your own! We know we will have several names for her after the first couple weeks she will live with, Messy, Whiney, Poopsy, Piddles and Chewy!

Mid-April will be here soon and we will be "new parents" again!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our New Girl at Four Weeks

This dear little soul is our next official "Chessie of Catfish Corner". We found her people parents, Ruth and Butch in Pelican Lake, WI, and their female "Gem" had a litter of five pups four weeks ago. Three females and two males. Not a big litter so that could be very favorable for the lucky five---lots of mommy's milk!

She is the darkest of the litter and we're so excited to be looking forward to this little "dark horse" to be part of our lives.

Ruth called us last night to say "she" (we haven't picked a name yet) wasn't moving her head much on Tuesday. She investigated and found the pup had a swollen area by her off to the vet they went. The doctor wasn't sure what was going on speculated it might be a .... spider bite? So here she is at four weeks taking this little dose of antibiotic. Hope it doesn't undo all the good of that momma's milk.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cerra's Best Friend

Cerra has been adopted this winter by one of our geese. She isn't completely happy about it, but she tolerates the gander and so far hasn't stepped on him.

It's an unlikely pairing---or maybe not. This poor guy and his mate went to live with our neighbor and then their dog killed the female. They brought this guy back and he has been an outcast with the rest of the flock ever since. Bullying is common in the animal world!

The goose follows her around, helps her eat her rations and raises a big ruckus when Cerra leaves his range (which usually occurs at 2 a.m.!)

I finally got motivated to finish editing a little video of the horses running around...... giver a whirl!