Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cats in Sinks

Yes, there really is a site for "cats in sinks" just clink the title and you'll find out. I found it a long time ago, but until today I never found a cat in my sink!

For what ever reason, Sammy put herself in the sink this morning and was a perfect photo model.

Maybe it's the only place she can call her own since puppy Maggie has arrived.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gardening Helpers

Sunday and Monday provided us with the first sun we have seen for awhile so I had to get cracking on some outdoor clean up.

The elegant chicken wire fencing came down and everyone had free range on the perennials. They scratched and picked and did a fine job of helping me out while I wielded the rake.

Mr. Fancy Pants was keeping his eyes on his beauties and, as the true gentleman he is, he allowed them the tastiest morsels.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maggie's First Week

Maggie has been making all these funny faces. She was chewing on Bear and had her lips all turned inside. Goofy girl!

Her first week here and she has come "out of the box". She's gotten a handle on the whole housebreaking thing, she answers to her name, we are going on long walks and she has a BIG NOSE on her! Not much crosses her path that she doesn't sniff out.

We are still nervous parents who get her out during the night to reinforce the house training aspects of her development but she's sleeping for longer periods of time over night so it's getting easier.....especially since I'm getting really good at getting back to sleep after having a midnight stroll!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attack of the Tongue Monster!

She's such a motion machine! I didn't even know I had this shot. She's been pretty hyper, and piddly! But, hey, at 8 weeks......SO WERE WE!

Todays snowflakes and chill put everyone in a quiet mode so we can recharge for a day in the sun later this week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The First 24 Hours

Our little Meggie at 8 weeks. Got her home yesterday in all the bluster and cold so we are liking the sunshine today. Life is good!

Now to go desalivate my lens......

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Floods and Baby Eagles

Our spring has really arrived. The 70's and humidity has spurred thunderstorms and thankfully we were missed by some severe ones. The fog held on our flooded river bottoms as the humidity clashed with the icy water.

We have been enjoying watching the eagles nest in Decorah, IA, with its three baby eaglets that hatched last weekend.

Work-wise (if you can call it that) I've been doing a big variety of "prep" projects. Some stained glass patterns, some watercolors (I'm just a beginner in that realm), I blew out some of our multitude of goose eggs which I'll paint on or decorate in some fashion, and then I found some gourds left in the garden from last fall. They are the hard shell variety (didn't know that before!) and I cleaned those up and have a few bud vases and a snack bowl to paint. VARIETY is my middle name. Don just chuckles about my "crafts".

Stained Glass
I made this hanging lampshade for Don's cousin, a Vietnam vet, who wanted a red, white and blue shade to which I added a personalization of his unit. Drawing patterns is a constant task and I will be starting the stained glass for Laddee's Garden at Refuge Farm this week.

Greenhouse Growings On
Now that we are out of freezing nights my lettuce and kale seedling have started making some progress in the hoop house. Can't wait for some homegrown greens. I feel bad that I'm under utilizing it for starting plants, but without heat, I just have to wait for Mother Nature to warm up. It will still give seedlings a head start. It just takes a little longer.

Fine Art 
I'm making progress on three small oil paintings I started last week and I'll get some photos together this week. I have been popping from one project to the next while I still have time........ because Friday we get our new puppy! And life will change once again at this crazy place we call Catfish Corner!