Saturday, October 17, 2015

Art Show No Show

The preparations for the Fall Art Tour began as normal. The cleaning of the barn! Lots of cobweb hunting, vacuum sweeping and hauling of displays around. Progress was being made and a sense of the last crunch week was on.

September had brought me a raft of orders through my Etsy shop. Thanks to a happy customer, I had a mention on social media about the photo box I had made for a talented young photographer. The orders piled in like I had never experienced before! I was overwhelmed and worked like crazy all month to get the scores of photo boxes out the door. I even planned to do photo box making as my art tour demonstration!

At the one-week-before-show-time I had the notion that I really needed an evening ride with my three horses out to the big hay field. Recharging with pony energy would be the great reward for having put forth a huge effort and this would be the last chance before the final show set up. 

My mistake was in choosing the wrong horse to ride that evening. My favorite Cheyenne had just had her hooves trimmed and was a bit sore so I took Cerra to be my mount. We four rode out to the big field in the early evening glow. Grazing over the thick alfalfa, Cerra's trot suddenly turned into a crow hop, and a buck! While I was surprised and trying to keep my seat the NEXT buck sent me flying onto the ground on my left shoulder. All that alfalfa wasn't really that fluffy!

I had to regroup for a few minutes while the herd was happy to munch next to me. Assessing my injuries I felt my collarbone jutting upward and now all I could do was get myself the half mile home.  Slowly. I had a rope in my hand and thought I had Cerra with me on the way home. Half way across the field I thought,"She's really following nicely!" I looked back and found I was dragging an empty rope.

My adrenalized state got me home to the patio where I sat to rest. I heard Don coming out the door and I called "help" in a tiny voice. He found me and set into motion getting the horses in and me to the ER. When you live in the country you have a great appreciation for NEIGHBORS!  Our neighbor Tom came over and he and Don got the horses in and then drove me to the ER.

A broken clavicle, scapula and five ribs layer.......I'm at the three week mark now and still paying a price for a little bit of fun!