Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For a Good Cause

Leanna Fayerweather, cabinetmaker extraordinaire from Pepin,  built this beautiful wine cabinet and I made the glass panels as a donation to the Durand Sportsmans' Club auction. We got it done yesterday and it goes on auction tonight at their annual banquet and fundraiser.

This is a truly impressive piece of furniture! I wish we had room in our little house for something so grand. Hope it raises lots of money for the cause.

Leanna and I share a love of horses and she's an avid barrel racer. This weekend is the club's NBHA Barrel Show at the newly refurbished Pepin arena. The Pepin Trailblazers host three days of barrel racing shows this summer. Come and watch (and eat!) I'm making the BBQ's and brats at the cook shack!

For a Good Cause

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Magster

Little Maggie is now over 40# and is such a sweetie! She just came back from a walkie and as usual she found a huge branch to drag home.

This one was a real mouthful!

And three times longer than she is.

She's running with it back to the house---I can't keep up with her!