Saturday, June 30, 2012

My, How Time Flies!

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted for awhile. I would say so! The woman who was so smug about not having had a cold for the past couple years was blindsided with a dandy that laid her low for a good two weeks before she crawled back to life. Don shared in the fun and we pretty much just did the basics for survival.

So a quick update is in order!
The three chicks are getting pretty big now and have been staying in the coop with the big boys and girls. There is one rooster (center) and two pullets. The little fellow is going to be a son of the Gold Star variety. The young lady on the right looks to be of Wyandotte heritage. The one on the left is all white so I don't know what form of genetic heritage she is. She is the only pure while hen on the farm.

Visitor from the North!

Sandy Madsen visited on the weekend of the Spring Tour and we got to visit several of the artist sites in Pepin county. Oh, was involved! Sandy is a longtime friend from Luck who worked in the studio with me for years. It was so good to have her stay with us for an overnight and hope she can get here again soon.

There were beautiful gardens at many of the sites we visited and the photo ops were abundant.
Irises at Diane Millner's pottery studio

Cool chicken coop at the Linda Day-Bruce Dunlap studio at Porcupine.....note the chicken run up into the Metro bus! Talk about some pampered peepers!
Diane Millner's shelves of greenware.

Stained glass project is complete........

The Manore Eagle window is complete and awaiting installation.
This will be installed on Monday and then I can get a photo of the whole deal.

So, that's it for now...... Time for a HOT, HOT, HOT, pre-4th of July weekend. Guess there will be two celebratory weekends this year!