Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Treasure Speaks From The Past

I've always said, my customers have the greatest ideas and STORIES to go with their requests for custom boxes. This one was for a 5x7" box, 3" deep and made to hang on the wall. This was something new! I asked if I might be told what it was to encase and the answer was astonishing! Here is Raquel's description:

"Hi Sherri,

I got the box today and it's perfect! Thank you.
Let me share why I needed a custom box from you.

Two weeks ago I spotted a Victorian pocket photo frame at an antique store, it was in perfect condition so I bought it. My original plan was to dispose of the picture and to replace it with one of mine.

To my surprise I found two poems under the picture when I pulled it out, right then I knew I had to keep it the way I found it and give it a special place in my house. 

After all, someone must've love this guy so much (not bad looking) that she took excellent care of this item for so many years, husband? boyfriend? lover? I'll never it's my turn to take care of it!"

The Collection

A cryptic poem
A poem - note the date on the side: March 1809

To find anything so precious is wonderful and to know it has been hidden since 1809 is amazing. The penciled underlines speak of an often read script. Someone's keepsake was found in an unexpected place and is now cherished by the finder. Thank you for sharing the story; it will have a beautiful new home and renewed life in Raquel's studio.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Glass Case For The Hugging Saint, Amma

It is so interesting how my renewed glass career has introduced me to new people and purposes for glass display cases. I recently was contacted about making a custom size octagon case. This one to hold a brass lantern for, who I was later to learn about, Amma, known as the Hugging Saint.

Amma The Hugging Saint is internationally known (although not to me before this!) through her work with numerous charities and the delightful and transformative HUGS she has given to over 34 million people! Quite amazing!

Manju Ram was in charge of getting the piece ordered and she shared some of the backstory. Her words follow:

"Hi Sherri, and all is good. The box is perfect. Thank you so very much for all your help. And for the candy. That has significance for us - check about Amma (the Hugging Saint( :)). Thanks again!

It was Amma who gave the specific instructions for the glass box :). 

We had taken the new lamp for blessing (our old one was getting cracked), in early July. Amma blessed it and gave this set of instructions. I realized the 'why' only later - I frequently forget to shut the lamp/flame and the wicks burn down. We light the lamp in the Puja room (or altar) twice a day,morning and evening. Then I am like - Amma I told you to take care of it .... no blame on my carelessness, as my husband points out. :)) She also said it is safer because the houses are made of wood. I guess Amma chose you to be the 'executor' for the glass box, because we did try many other options. Thanks again for your kindness."

I was relieved, too, as this was the SECOND box which finally made it to her California address without damage. Thanks, USPS ;-(  Amma and Manju were so patient as I remade the display case. 

I usually add a few pieces of chocolate with the care instruction sheet and I had included a few Hershey's kisses. When I read about Amma I found that everyone who gets a big hug from her also receives a chocolate kiss wrapped in a rose petal! A happy coincidence indeed. I was out of Ghirardelli!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Little Boxes, Little Boxes.......

Little boxes made! What? No ticky-tacky?

Such has been my life since last Labor Day! The continued support of professional photographers has brought about new products and some amazing work that has been shared with me.

Take a peek at Sasha Danielle Photography! Sasha said she made up these two short videos on HER PHONE! Check it out, it's SEX A!!! Wow! Gave me goosies!

It's been so busy I can hardly believe the changes in our daily life around here!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Photo Boxes a Hit in the UK

I have been so blessed to have customers for my work at home and internationally these past few months. I just got an email from photographer Howard Smith, Birmingham, UK, who had placed a large order several weeks ago. He helped me learn the ropes for shipping across the pond and miraculously the order arrived without damage.

Thank you for your kind words, Howard!

He shares his own blog here: