Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mother Goose and New Mother Goose

The blessed event occurred Friday morning, before we left for our day, and it involved the hatching of four baby geese. They were properly placed under Mother when we left, but were decidedly LEAVING THE NEST when we got back.

So we let Mommy and her babies, daddy and the two uncles take care of the clan over night.

THEN....the word came through that a NEW MOMMY would be taking over the rearing of these young.

My brief Facebook post about these youngsters prompted my friend and super farrier, Kari Hoyer, to say YES, indeed, I shall rear those youngsters at my beautiful home in Esdale! The spring that sprouts from the backyard, and makes a 3/4 moat around her home......yes! It will be perfect for these lovelies.

So, a little more than 24 hours and the four little geese have their new Mommy! And her name is Kari.

Thank you for offering these four youngster a great place to grow up!