Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Summer So Photos:

Man! It's busy around here!
Ramona and Warren Bradshaw presenting the colors at the NBHA Barrel show, Pepin Arena.

Jess Sterry riding at the MNSCHA show. The Pepin Trailblazers had two sorting events this year. The arena is only a half mile from home so I have no excuse for not making it there to work!

Over grown perennial garden is attracting grass eaters.

Only took two months to redo it! Many loads of mulch hauled.  Check out my abs of steel!

Just got the new chicks---four varieties this year. Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Production Red and Black Sex Link. The little green dot signifies the Barred Rock rooster.

Sampling the new potatoes from the garden. Mother Nature has blessed us with rain in the nick of time.

Lots of baby birds. I think this one is a young purple finch. Its sibling left the nest yesterday when we surprised each other. He flew right up into the branches of a pine tree. Yay!!!

"Huey" the goose who was raised by chickens, continues to stay with his flock of hens. He's hot and cooling off with his bill open. Cerra wants her picture taken!

Horse lessons with Fran Latane and Farrah Green. (The old lady with Cheyenne.)
And then there is the art work being completed.......for another post!