Friday, February 22, 2013

The Glowing Season

Friend Jan and I were tooling around the backroads of Pepin County in October to visit some site on the Fall Art Tour. We had played hooky from actually participating in the event and was looking forward to visiting other artists this time around. The lovely fall day presented many photo ops and inspiration was swirling around like the fall leaves.

"The Glowing Season" - oil on canvas - 20"x24"

I just finished this oil of one of the scenes I photographed. The barn roof and cupulo was peeking out and looked like it was being overtaken by the tall dry corn. The rusting barn roof had sprouted a few holes on the right side where the sun shone through onto the weathered boards. At the end of the growing season, we were treated to "The Glowing Season". 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juried into ArtsWest

I just got word this morning that one of my entries was accepted into the ArtsWest exhibit. The Portrait of Helga will be moving to the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire and will stay there until April 9th.
One of my many unofficial new year's resolutions was to enter this show. After lots of procrastination and the realization I only had TWO pieces of art I deemed show worthy that were recently completed.  I think I got my application in two days before it closed. (Almost talked myself out of it.) I had also entered the Portrait of Laddee which was declined. That piece is more abstract, so maybe this will bode well for my style of art.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Watercolors

I love the quiet and solitude of January. It's been too cold and icy to do much outside other than taking care of the animals....who are doing fine, by the way.

Last winter I decided to try to learn about watercolors. I have always admired watercolor artists because I think WC is really hard! It involves letting go of illusions about how something might turn out.

Inspiration came from my favorite watercolor artist, Jody Bergsma. She is SO talented, a huge success in the commercial world, and the CEO of her own publishing and distribution company. Jody Bergsma's website and blog offers videos of her paintings in progress and offers so much educational material to help people paint. And she freely shares all of, for FREE! She works from a constant source of abundance and is truly a loving and giving person on top of all that talent. And a horse girl, too!

As an artist, I would not copy anyone's work. As a student, I had to get over the fact that I AM trying to emulate her art. And not doing a very good job of it!! How full of myself I had to be to think I was going to just pick up a brush and paint like Jody!

Jody Bergma's rendering of crows

I love how she designs the composition. It's so full of images and really tells a story. She uses graphic additions that tie into the overall theme. I could spend all day studying her paintings, but now it's my turn to try.
My first watercolor ala Jody style in 2011

Too funny! But as I always like to have to start somewhere. Here are some more attempts:
This was an early one. Very loose in style. I just like big cats and slopping paint.

Flowers are fun

Trying to find my own style...

Keeping at it.....

Switched to butterflies.
That's enough for now. Next time I'll add some of the ones from 2012. No... I haven't improved but I am having some fun with new styles and techniques.

Thank you, Jody Bergsma, for your generous spirit and inspiration!