Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Phoebe Has Landed

Phoebe at 6 weeks
Born on the 4th of July! Our little "Red Girl" (as she was named at the breeders with a pink collar!) came home on Labor Day Monday. Life has been VERY active since then and my eye bags now have eye bags with the late night trips "out". But no complaints here. She is adorable and growing like a weed.
Phoebe at 10 weeks

Speaking of weeds, this is what happens when you don't cut the grass for a month! But they are pretty. Spotted Lady's Thumb has little pink dots of flowers and the Little One took to them right away and finally settled for a pic with a very serious face.
12 weeks old - doing her best Weimeraner impersonation 
The cats have had an adjustment but other than the occasional thought provoking hiss or swat they are getting her trained in. 

The dark curly back on the Chesapeake is starting to bloom. Lots of changes to come! I'm just enjoying having a little 20# bundle that I can still carry around and snuggle while I still can. While she won't be as big a Maggie at 125#, she won't be able to continue lap sitting at the computer with me much longer.