Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Zesty With Etsy

Another work in progress: starting the Etsy shop for sherristudio! This process has been going on since May, but I resisted posting because I wanted to have something to show before I started trumpeting the news. Learning a new format, finding measurements, taking the photos and and trying to keep things organized has been time consuming, but I'm getting the hang of it now.

Getting new photos of everything has been interesting to say the least. I get WAY too much help from my chickens. I have a display that I move outside to hang the glass, try to catch the sun in the afternoon, try to hold up a reflective panel, get a few shots, and how much help are these birds? Well.....take a gander:

A simple photo of a danish heart. Here comes Barney the barred rock rooster.

Then he gets a little red hen over for company.
Next thing you know, he gets an urge and ..... HEAVENS TO BETSY!

I hope they don't throw me off ETSY!