Sunday, April 19, 2015

Promise of Spring

One of my new paintings is titled "Promise of Spring". It will be on exhibit at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire this summer. Their exhibit is titled "Eggsactly" and artists were invited to create art to the theme. I was hoping to do another stained glass wall relief, like Equus, or Bees, but I couldn't find the materials I was looking for to do my idea, so that one will have to wait for another time.

April's Awakening 
April's Awakening is also an oil. As the colors of spring started popping I worked on capturing those few days before the colorful buds turn green.

Chippewa Backwaters
No....this one isn't Catfish Corner. It's just down the road and is a lengthy serpentine flowage of twists and turns of the Chippewa backwaters that eventually meets the Mississippi.

Wings Over Alma Exhibit - Wind and Water
The new exhibit at Wings was installed and our reception was held on Friday. The wind and water theme was perfect for getting out two paintings that haven't been exhibited which I did in 2011.

Moonlight Swim - 2011

Just Swimmingly 2011
Mysterious Wings - 2015
Wild Glory - 2015
It's interesting to see the evolution of my style over the past four years. It was a good winter for painting and I have several more, all of which will be added to the Fine Arts America page.

Spring Work Marathon
It was all fun and games until the weather turned warmer and the seemingly unending list of spring chores presented themselves. The barn, the gardens, brush cutting, all things that need doing before Mother Nature takes over with weeds and pests. I'm quite surprised my body has held up for the amount of physical labor I've put it through the past few weeks. It feels good to get a handle on sprucing up the place and it results in some very solid night's sleep!