Sunday, November 21, 2010


Between trips to the vet with Helga, I managed to get my work on this bird panel done. It measures 18" and it is going to be hung in the center of a 36" round window. The last week has been so disjointed with trying to get projects done. Poor Helga is still battling a blood condition that has defied diagnosis. We are walking zombies because we are up several times a night with her.

My etching projects have been driving me insane. This example has several blowouts on the stencil so it will have to be redone. My ultraviolet light exposure unit has developed a short in it -- the timer isn't working consistently so my stencils are either under exposed or over exposed.

The best thing of this weekend has been that--SO FAR--we haven't had the freezing rain that the Twin Cities had. Keeping the fingers crossed that the coming week can be better than the last one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Weirdness

Don was disturbed to discover Helga urinating blood late yesterday afternoon. Eeekk!  He called the vet immediately and they told us to catch a sample and bring it into the office this morning. Later in the evening, I noticed her right eye was bulging and was turning color and not reflecting the light right. We headed into the office this morning with her in tow and hadn't realized until she was examined that her gums were bleeding!

She was immediately given Vitamin K to help her blood to clot---the vet suspected she had ingested rat poison!! We never, no, I mean NEVER have or ever had rat poison on our property--for this very reason. We are completely at a loss as to how this could have happened.

The vet took several vials of blood for testing and we hope to find out by this afternoon if it might remotely be tick related, or if it indeed was due to being poisoned.  She is also sending a sample to the U of M for a clotting profile to determine if there are any other reasons for this to be happening--like hemophilia.

It's been a very disturbing morning to say the least. On the good side, her blood-filled eye has normal pressure and although her condition is serious, it's not at a critical stage so she has gotten treatment in time. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Perils of Battle

We were just starting to watch the Badger game at 11 when I thought I saw antlers. Here they were attached to this cool guy. He was busy raiding the bird seed when I noticed he has been fighting and must have gotten an antler inserted into his right eye.

It looks like he might be blinded or partially so. It was looking white and watery. Hope he doesn't get too infected. It can't be too fun trying to escape being shot by hunters with only one eye.

Rest here, fellow. You'll be safe.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Growing Family

Long time no post! I had the camera on the way to the barn and caught the new crop of chickens under the bird feeder. The only remaining rooster has been  busy with his two dozen or so hens.

The Silverlace Wyandottes are gorgeous with their dotty feathers. The Black Sex Links are so much prettier than their name. I call them the Blackwatch hens--their glossy black, hunter green and navy blue and russet feathers remind me of the Blackwatch Plaid fabric that is such a classic.

The first new eggs from this group are beginning to arrive! We have been living on about 4 eggs a day all summer--and today I brought in 7--three very tiny new eggs from our new hensies!