Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Late Bloomer

I found this late bloomer yesterday while I was cleaning out my window boxes before I store them for winter. The empty chrysalis is just behind and she was just hanging out, presumably drying off. I snapped a couple shots and thought it might be a good idea to move her to a sunny spot so she could warm up.

Please pray that this lovely late bloomer makes it to a warmer climate. I hope it finds it's way in this world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day with Lanna, Elizabeth & Josephina.....and Sandy Gilbert, too!

I had the mid-morning with Sandy Gilbert and some of the special horses at Refuge Farms! A big trailer load of hay was due to be delivered at the Farms so it was a good time to show up for my "annual" visit. I should be there many more times in the year--but---today ended up being the day.

I had some time before the hay came so I spent time in the first paddock with three lovelies. Sandy said I could either deburr horses or pick stalls--since both are always in demand. Well......I love nothing more than grooming horses so I arrived with my little kit of pony beauty shop supplies and went to work on the burdocks.

Josephina was in the stall with Elizabeth and was pretty persistent that she should be first! Then I moved on to Elizabeth and--with her little bit of mane and tail--that didn't take long.

Lanna - a new best friend!

Then there was big Lanna. What a huge beauty! She is as tall at her shoulder as I am tall and just massive...and blind. I worked my way toward her and let her know I was a friend...sniff, sniff.....yeah, I was ok. I smell like a horse! She just sank into the brush strokes and let me pull out the nasty stick-tight burrs. Her long locks released the offenders and her lush mane and tail were freed. BIG hugs to this gal! It was such a beautiful day to be in the presence of these gentle giants.

Josephina (l) and Elizabeth
To read more about the Sanctuary Herd at Refuge Farms, just follow the link. Each horse has it's own story there and all are so powerful and compelling. You can't imagine how these wonderful creatures have suffered to finally find their refuge--in Refuge Farms.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Winners of Refuge Farms Raffle

Martin and Gretchen Wilson, of Wabasha, MN, won the Celtic Claddagh bevel cluster from last week's art tour. Thanks to everyone who entered the raffle! Between gourd and pumpkin sales, the raffle and other donations, $250 was raised for The Herd!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chickens as Artists

I had the camera with me when I brought the horses back home to the barn this afternoon. The chickens have been busy on the pumpkins since I placed them before last weekends art show and I finally decided it was time to show off their artistic pursuits.

Here are pumpkins--carved by chickens.

Lois and Anders Visit

Lois and Anders came for a visit today! I haven't seen Anders in person since last year's visit and he has really grown into a very charming two-year-old. We went for a walk out to see the horses and we found out he doesn't like the geese AT ALL!
Anders gets a little closer to offering Emmy a treat.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Raffle and Free Drawing Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing and the Refuge Farms raffle!

We had such a hugely successful weekend at the Fresh Art Tour--hundreds of visitors came to Catfish Corner! I had a drawing for a green and gold mission stained glass panel and also held a raffle for a celtic design bevel cluster. The Hon. Don P. Anderson was assigned the duty of drawing the winning tickets and has at this time completed the selection.

The Refuge Farm Raffle - Celtic Bevel winner is: Gretchen Wilson from Wabasha, Minnesota!

The Mission Panel in green and gold was won by Joanie Pfeiffer, all the way from Omaha, Nebraska!

I hope to get photos of our lucky folks with their glass panels and will share them soon.

Congratulations Gretchen and Joanie!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Raffle for Refuge Farm

In conjunction with the Fresh Art Tour I have donated the Irish Claddagh (Heart in Hands) to benefit the works of Sandra Gilbert, a cause close to my heart, Refuge Farms in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. I love that it's possible for art to benefit horses! It's on display at the studio and I already have entries from visitors who were in the studio yesterday.

The bad photo is reflecting from the sunny window, but trust me, it's beautiful! 

Tickets to enter are $1 each--you may enter as many times as you wish! 100% of the entries goes to Refuge Farm so it's a winner either way. 

Plus, it's easy with the "Donate" button which sends the money directly to Refuge Farm! One entry will be submitted per dollar--and you will receive an email back so you know what your numbers are.

Entries will be accepted until NOON Monday since I was late getting this up.

Ooops! Almost forgot---the pumpkin and gourd sale is going on at the studio--also to benefit Refuge Farms! It wasn't a good gourd year, but I found a few specimens to offer and we sold several yesterday!