Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changing Season

The leaves are starting to change at Catfish Corner. Our beautiful soft maple tree in the backyard is always so brilliant. The drought this year isn't apparent from this photo, but know that it's dry everywhere......except the bottoms!

Crops are being harvested and the dust clouds have to be choking for those on the tractors. Even our little home paddock is reduced to being a sand pit now.

I'm trying to keep my little patch of annuals and mums the colorful dot in the brown lawn!

I have an interesting phenomenon out at the horse's a GOURD TREE! Last year's bumper crop of gourds were hauled off by rodents and some sprouted and climbed a tree. I didn't even notice it until recently and found some good sized bicolor gourds ripening in the limbs. 
I've been having a weekly lesson with Fran and Ty now that the weather has turned. The "still" photo option on the video camera doesn't have the quality of my little Canon ELPH camera, but I sure appreciate Micky Dusek for taking photos during our lesson time.

The Canon camera had a problem and had to be sent in for a repair. Luckily it was still under warranty (unlike the Chev Silverado....another story). They had a new, well, reconditioned, camera to me in 5 days so I hardly missed any early fall photos!
Last week I had friends, Jan Brunkow (l) and Warren and Ramona Bradshaw over for a ride through the pines and around our place. I have ridden with Ramona at her place many times but this was a first time for them riding here. Too bad my horse, Cheyenne, was a BRAT! hahaha! She pulled the same tricks a year ago on the "trail ride from hell". I was glad not to be on narrow, hilly, rocky trails this time. It's so embarrassing when your KID doesn't behave when you have company over!
Lisa Johnson, on Cerra, and I was on Chy for the Pepin Laura Days Parade in early Sept. Thankful Cheyenne decided to be a good girl that day for her first parade. 

It has been many months since we have seen any deer around here, but one afternoon during the tree thinning, these two beauties came across the creek. 

And so goes early autumn at the little bend in the creek that we call Catfish Corner.