Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spring Photos

A little of this....a little of that! 
The irises have put on a stunning display this year. Wish they could last all summer.
This tiny turtle was so colorful on the underside. What a cutie! I turned him loose by the creek.
 The spring morel mushroom season was pretty good this year. We had this stray one pop out by Don's boat. It was spared the frying pan. Maybe the spores will spread for next year.
Another snake painting was completed for the Snake Man. This one is the Timber Rattler. He might want me to do a hawk this fall. That would be a nice change.

A oil painting of spring loveliness in a baby lamb. All soft and wooly amongst the pussy willows.

We lost kitty Paisley last Sunday. We had no idea he had a tumor in his tummy until he took a sudden turn for the worst. He was an FIV kitty (feline immunodeficiency virus) and was always sneezy but survived with us for seven years. Rest in peace, dear one. Your friends here will miss you.

We were thrilled to spot Stanley across the creek and he seems to be doing well. His antlers should be amazing this year.

Molly had a visitor on the patio. Not sure what they are chatting about.

Had friend Susan Yergin here with Bruce Miller to collect and process red willow bark. It is used as a tobacco for indian ceremonies and it was really interesting to join in the process.
Cool moth out on the chick waterer. Haven't been able to identify it yet. Very unique markings. Kind of like Paisley.

And finally, an old lady taking selfies! Got my official old lady short haircut, too. Keeping things simple as the days are busy. Not quite used to all the wrinkles!