Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter Snowstorm

We had a GORGEOUS day yesterday and today....well, not so much. It would be rare to make it through April without a snowstorm so it's not totally unexpected, but when it hits and makes itself at home for the day it begins to wear out its (not) welcome.

I got very used to nice days and took Phoebe out for some spring shed antler hunting. So far Phoebe has found one, and Ma has found three! I so lucked out with a set found in one spot. They were last year's and have been chewed on a little but that's ok! They fit me nicely.

Being on "stay home" status hasn't changed anything around here. It's been a stay at home three years and counting! Lots of people who are also on that status have found their way to my Etsy shop and are ordering like crazy. No down time here. It's as busy as it was before Christmas!

Who knew I would be an essential business?!