Monday, March 28, 2011

Four week update

Our little girl is on the right. She's darker than her litter mates and according to Ruth, her human mommy, she is very sweet!

Looks like that to me, too. She has a very steady, intense, look about her. She knows she has a family who is waiting for her, and is trying to connect with her over the air waves!

We have been asked about what we are going to name her. It's hard to do when you haven't met the young lady yet! Suggestions have followed: Hilda (mine), Maggie (Don), Ellie, Martha, Eleanor, Bessie............ feel free to add your own! We know we will have several names for her after the first couple weeks she will live with, Messy, Whiney, Poopsy, Piddles and Chewy!

Mid-April will be here soon and we will be "new parents" again!


Sandy said...

Hey Sherri!

For some reason when I looked at her photo "Annie" came to mind....weird huh????? She is a great looking pup...or was it "Amy"????? Hmmm....too cute either way. My son has an English pointer pup, he got her when she was 7 weeks she is almost 8 months and driving us all crazy!!!! Talk about high energy! But my son is very patient with her...she is going to dogy boot camp this summer up in the mountains when it is hot, they guarantee she will be trained when she gets back...we will see...LOL Sandy

Odie Langley said...

What a special little girl with a family that loves her even before they have her. She is going to be really blessed.