Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plumber's Zinnia

Here is the plumber's zinnia! I got a kick out of it--I find humor in strange places I guess.

The garden is pretty cute and colorful this year. Glads in the strawberries and volunteer sunflowers everywhere. I know I have a world record turnip this year--it is HUGE! The deer are eating the tops of the parsnips and have nipped off the tops on the new raspberry bushes.

My four broccoli plants have been going nuts ever since I took off the original heads--now they are sprouting off the sides even faster.

Picked the first cherry tomatoes and have billions on the way. Big tomatoes include all kinds of different varieties--Roma, Early Girl, Beefsteak.

My straw lined lanes worked out great! Especially the ones that have newspaper down first. (Yes, Wanda, that was your suggestion!) At first it didn't work out so great--I laid down papers in several thicknesses and put the straw over the top--HOWEVER, things started to dry out and then we had some strong winds that sent everything flying. I came out to the garden one morning and had to collect reams of newspapers from hither and yon and out in the woods. Now that the plants are huge there is less chance of that happening again. The serpentine soaker hose has been a total success, too. It has saved me HOURS of watering!

The plans for next year's garden are starting to gel-- ideas like putting up an electric fence. No more melon patch--it's going to be sweet corn! (Hence the need for an electric fence!) Adding a "Y" valve and expanding the soaker hose network and a rustic arbor for the now prolific grapes!

Gardeners do indeed dream dreams of emperors!

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Wanda said...

I love your plumber's zinnia! Looks like everything is really going nutz, gardening is such a pleasure. I'll have to stop in next time I am in Buffalo county!