Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Horse'n Around

That's all I was doing--I had a poster to print out and I was saving it to iPhoto when all my photos disappeared. Nobody home. I had close to 800 pics and I fully expect they are somewhere but my efforts to locate them haven't been successful. Lucky I know an expert who is coming over tomorrow to check it out.

We had a rainy Friday and then came in the heat and humidity so I gave the ponies a few days off. Finally got Cheyenne out for an evening jaunt last night--pure pleasure! This morning was Cerra's turn and she was focused and responsive for a change. She had a big run around session last evening when Chy and I got back to the barn. We rode on the outside perimeter of the pasture while Emmy and Cerra ran like crazy wild horses. It must have been beneficial for her to burn off her excess exhuberance. If Cerra's speed and power could be harnessed for barrel racing she could be a star!

It has been great to be in the routine of a.m. and p.m. riding--the girls each get their hour and sometimes it's for fun and sometimes for learning.

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