Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Affair

Just a fuzzy picture just before it was too dark to take one with the evening light. We have a family of raccoons who have been raiding the backyard feeder. We have another family at the front yard feeder by the barn. The mom and dad were in a night or two ago with no less than SIX babies! Eekks! How are we going to feed that many! That must be what they are thinking so they bring them up to ma and pa anderson's to have a free meal--or so. They have been pretty pesky lately--last night I had to go chase them out of the hen house at midnight. They chatter, bark and squeal all night long fighting with each other and carrying on. It gets tiring. We like for everyone to have their space and place--but the Havahart trap might have to relocate a few of these guys if the don't move on soon.

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