Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blue String!

Only my Parelli buddies will give a whoop about this, but what it means is that I passed my Level 2 On Line and Freestyle that I auditioned for WEEKS ago. It was shortly after my first lesson with Farrah and by Fran's encouragement that I decided to submit a video of the compulsories. I thought it was just too much hoopla to go through it--and for what point? I was enjoying my horses and who cares if I got an official "Levels" designation? I think I wrote about earlier, this idea changed after I became involved with Farrah's professional instruction. My lesson with her last week involved having instruction in Level 3 tasks and to me that spells progress!

This week has been a blast since I got some new direction to take with Cerra and it's working beautifully. We are getting along better than ever and I think we have made some positive changes in our way of being.

This all translates over to Cheyenne, too. She is so much more compliant and easy going that I don't need deal with her in the same way that I do with Cerra. Her main problem is her refusal to trailer load. We have worked on this for about two years now and now that I have some new techniques to use I am hoping we can accomplish this task soon.

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