Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fran's New Horse

Fran's on her way to Kansas City for the next Parelli event and because of that I know she won't have time to post her own update. I had the opportunity to visit her new 12 year old TB gelding yesterday. As you can see HE IS HUGE! About 17.3h but she hasn't put a tape on him yet. He is absolutely magnificent and I got to see her put her first ride on him and he moves huge, too. A slow canter to die for!!! He is definitely the LARGE FANCY VARIETY! His new name is Hart and he will be trained to move on to another home that will appreciate his potential for hunter/jumper or dressage work. He is so gorgeous it could be hard to pass him along to someone else, but hence the name, Hart---Fran hopes to earn enough through the transaction to get a truck and/or a Hart trailer.

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