Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year arrives at Catfish Corner

Our first day of 2009 was a big one with the annual lutefisk feast with the Benson's. Don's brother-in-law and nephew with his wife and three kids under 8 made for a very full, active and noisy, house! I made foods galore, because not everyone will eat lutefisk, which included a big lasagne, ham, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, relishes, dips, chips, pecan and lemon pie for dessert. 

The kids had fun with their shooting gallery toys Don picked out for Cade and Carter. Unfortunately the digital camera for Paige refused to operate so I have to look into replacing that in the coming week. 

We fed the horses carrots and picked eggs out in the hen house for the whole rural experience. The kids are used to going to their other uncle's farm so it's not a big deal for them, but they do get to have the pony experience here. This year they were brave enough to feed carrots by themselves to those big bossy noses.

Friday was clean up day and Saturday Fran came over and we took the horses out for the first ride of 2009. I only rode once or twice in December so I felt pretty out of shape. We went out to our snowy 66 and let the girls have a run. All was fine until Fran took Cheyenne on a turn and she lost her footing. They both landed in the snow and weren't hurt, thankfully! Glad it wasn't me--I would have probably broken in two! The footing isn't that bad.  The problem is that the snow cover has hidden the icy spots so we had to just generally be careful. It was sunny so we didn't really notice the cold until we got into the blue shadows of the woods. Then the fingers and toes told us it was time to go in for tea.

Fran leaves for the Parelli center in Ocala on Tuesday and will be gone for a month so I'll be without my riding buddy. It's very motivating to have a youngster around to get the old lady out to ride so who knows how much ponying I'll get done while she's gone.

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