Friday, January 16, 2009

Deeper Deep Freeze

We've been in a brutal cold spell and this morning is supposed to be the lowest low and I hope this is it for a long time-- minus 30 degrees below zero! It's clear and still and so incredibly cold. Had a chance to experience it at 2 am, too. I was on a rare no-sleep night with a pesky pain, probably from being bent over the solder table, when I heard the pump running every few minutes. Something must be running out at the barn. So Don and I pulled on all the winter gear and trudged out to the barn in the creaky squeeky cold. I checked the waterer to find the rim was tilted off and pushed against the edge of the bowl causing it to continually try to fill. It was frozen to the side and after some jostling it was righted, the frost washed off and it was back to normal. Nice it was only that and not a broken pipe. The ponies came over to help and were so frosty and funny, mugging me for treats. The event called for an extra leaf of hay to carry them through a very cold night.

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Aleesha said...

I love your main Pic it is really good!!!