Friday, January 30, 2009

Wings Over Alma and other Studio News

The artists reception will be next Sat., Feb. 7th from 4-6pm at the Wings Over Alma. The five of us have the option of having a table of wares for sale. In my case I hope to use part of the window and I'll bring along some smaller non-eagle-related stained glass items.

I had a really satisfying week which was the result of the past month's work cleaning and organizing the studio, and finding I had LOTS of salable pieces ready to go. I was very fortunate to have placed work at two -- YES, TWO-- shops! 

The first one, the lovely Shepherd's Nook in Wabasha now has a collection of crosses, and related bevel glass in the big front windows! Thanks, Jacki! 

Longtime customer, Beth's Cafe, was one of the first shops I ever sold to and when we closed the shop in Luck, I quit making items for her. Beth is Don's cousin, and we had her for dinner over Christmas when the subject of suncatchers came up. She missed having them, and once I got all my parts and pieces organized I realized that I had more than enough to get her started again. So I brought her two boxes of stained glass items for her front windows in the restaurant. She was tickled and so was I. I guess this means I'm in business again!

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