Friday, January 16, 2009

Eagles Exhibit

I've been shy on posts while I have been preparing to participate in an art exhibit at the "Wings Over Alma" in Alma, WI. They are having a winter show of eagle related art and I was invited to display some pieces. I am choosing to show stained glass which involved a big repair on a piece (pictured) that was damaged the last time it was on exhibit (frown) and creating a couple new bevel glass eagles. Thankfully the install date has been changed from today (too cold) to next Tuesday.

It's been a kick in the seat to get myself organized to do this exhibit. The studio was in a mess from the last project so my first job was to start a big dig. (I know I have enough glass to last 17 lifetimes.) Much of the glass and stuff I brought with me from Luck five years ago has been virtually untouched. So a purge has begun and I have piles of stuff that I posted on Freecycle, recycled the old computer components and other paper recyclables, made a pile for ebay. This is fun! I have almost filled our dumpster and I have more to do, but I needed to get going on the glass projects for the exhibit. 

The past few days of soldering have left me stiff and achy (just like the old days!) but feeling motivated and purposeful. Cerra likes peeking in the studio window and watching "Hay! What's for dinner?" It's just like Mr. Ed!

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