Friday, December 26, 2008

Simba's Christmas

Our friends, Pat & Ione Timm have spent the week in Rochester as the result of Pat's sudden serious illness and major surgery. Their cat Simba was left home alone and Ant Sherri was given the key to visit daily to pass out his alloted one-half cup of food and a treat. Simba is a very big baby boy and notorious for being so shy around strangers. Whenever anyone would visit he would run and hide. I was hoping I could use my best kitty voice to call him in the first day. 

I entered the silent house and read my instructions and went about the business of getting his dishes filled, chatting kitty baby talk and hoping his curiosity would be greater than his fear. As I turned to go to the basement a loud MEOW announced that "I AM HERE AND WHERE IS MY MOMMY?!" 

Yessss! The cat magnet still works! We are best buddies now and I even have a few new terms of endearment for him which include Simboomba and Brush Lush. 

Pat & Ione's christmas at the hospital wasn't what they were planning for. The tree is still standing and there will probably be a big loud family celebration there in the weeks ahead. Simba's christmas wasn't what it was designed to be either. He was supposed to have been spending several days avoiding the grandkids by hiding under the bed, or in the basement, or wherever his secret hidey holes are. Instead it was quiet for him--perhaps a little too quiet, but soon his family will be home and life can return to normal. 

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Wanda Jo said...

What a beauty!! Yes, you have an active cat magnet.