Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Loveable

Fran got home from Florida earlier today and came out for a visit. The moment she opened the shop door, Mr. Kitt E. Katt jumped off the table and ran to the door to greet her! I guess that means he is an extrovert and he proceeded to take over her lap--purring and chirping all the way!

However, HE STILL NEEDS A REAL HOME! Living in the shop has it's advantages--like pretty girls coming to visit--but with a personality like his, I think he would fit into a home pretty readily. Helga comes in to visit and he launches at her with his friendliness. Helga doesn't quite know what to do about this cat creature who adores her. None of the inside cats are this nice to her!

I've been asking him what he would like to be called, and he's just so happy to be indoors all he wants is to not be called late for dinner. But yesterday I just thought about his marking as looking like paisley. PAISLEY! Hey, Paisley! He still doesn't care what his name is! Would you like to name him?!


Aleesha said...

How about Mike?

sherri said...

Mike is a great name-- I wish he would pick it!