Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don's Superduper Birthday Bash

March 25th was Don's birthday and his gift was surgery! His previously scheduled appointment was purposefully chosen for this day and it was indeed a gift. Don has had a fatty tumor called a lipoma on his neck for over 15 years and it had grown to, as his surgeon said, an impressive size! Imagine having a growth on the back of ones neck for that length of time and it finally reaching baseball-size! There are some interesting pictures on google of lipomas (which I decided did not need to be included in this post!). 

Everything went fine thanks to the Oakleaf Surgical Hospital. (One stop shopping for all your elective surgical needs!) We'll never forget what day he had it removed, and he's recovering nicely. The six inch incision is steristripped until tomorrow when it can be unveiled.

His talented surgeon, Dr. Steven Immerman, is also an accomplished glass artist in the area of kiln-formed glass. You can see his amazing work at his website at

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