Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's a Boy!

He looks sad and vulnerable here but is actually doing much better now! His day started with a tasty breakfast and a huge hugging and purr session. He's a boy! This was my opportunity to move on to putting this little guy in my large carrier. He proceeded to have a panic attack once he realized he was confined. The experience probably brought back some horrifying memories of being captive before he was tossed out. He threw himself around in the box and gave himself a bloody nose before he finally calmed down. I cooed all the cozy kitty words that he needed to hear and a little while later the door could open and pets and purring followed. His ravenous appetite was satiated with all the Friskies canned cat food he wants. I worked in the shop today and even with the tv and grinder running he slept like death. I would like to handle him a little more, clean up his face and check for fleas, ear mites, etc., before I make the vet trip. He's been through a lot and at this point food and rest will help him more than a scary trip to the vet. The first test at the vet is key. It is for Feline Leukemia and if he tests positive for it it will mean the end of his short life. But, if he passes that one, he can be neutered and have a very happy life at his forever home. Which brings me to....

You know I won't be able to keep him since I already have four cats in the house, so help me find a nice home for this little sweetie--you aren't going to believe how good he is going to look in a month! A fur-covered little bundle of love.

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Wanda Jo said...

He has the most beautiful marks! If I didn't already have a full house....I'll keep my ears open for home in need of cat. Good job on the rescue.