Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello 50's

I had a good week in the shop--got Loie's dreaded lamp repairs done that have been sitting on the shelf for about four years. Next in line is one of my own lamps that had a run in with disaster. I'm happy to get these old projects out of the way.

My little shop-kitty Paisley, was SO helpful. Now that he's feeling better he acting like the little character that he is. He is just starved for affection so there are lots of pets involved. He is getting so playful I had to let him out into the barn while I was reassembling the lamp parts. I can only handle so much "help"! I brought some cat toys from the house to help him release some of the kitten energy.

It was closer to 50 yesterday and sun, sun, sunny! I walked through the icy woods to get to the greenhouse for a heat fix. It was 86 degrees out there! Gets the heart pumping for spring planting. I might have to throw some lettuce seeds out there and see what happens.  Helga and I made our way back and it got the halter and 22' line out and had a little pony time. 

The girls are dirty, lazy and sassy all at the same time. Cerra was the well behaved one this time which is unusual. After some brushing--hair flying everywhere--I had Cheyenne on line first and she tore around me, snorting and kicking. Gee, this is fun! I was careful not to let her get too close while she's being unpredictable. Suddenly, while tearing in a circle, she put her head down and tried rubbing her front legs WHILE SHE'S RUNNING! Now this is interesting. She then stopped dead and rubbed for the longest time--took off--and then did the same thing. Over and over. I don't know if her head was itchy or if her legs were, but she just kept it up to the point she got her front leg over the line and that felt funny, so she didn't want to stop when I asked her to come in.  That led to her scaring herself as she tore out of the circle and headed back to the barn with long line in tow through the muddiest part of the pasture! So much for my clean rope. 

Cerra--good girl that she is--went over to her and told her not to be scared and they turned and both walked back up to me! That called for a treat. Cerra's turn thankfully was pretty uneventful. Everyone popped a sweat after about ten minutes as an indication of the level of unfitness! Will try again tomorrow and in these subsequent lovely days coming up.

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