Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOA Signs of Spring

I got a picture, finally, of my entry in the Signs of Spring show at Wings Over Alma. The opening reception was held Friday evening.

"Soft Maples Bloom at Catfish Corner" is a pastel which I completed just before the show and depicts the fleeting red blossoms that appear on the soft maples just before the leaves pop out. It was a dark sky evening just as the sun was setting and making the clouds look even darker. The tree reflections were eerie and seemed to bleed into a dark prussian blue/black haze. It's at that certain time of spring where the colors can almost look like fall. Of all the versions of Catfish Corner that I have done, this has been one of the most dramatic. That's what I love about my backyard muse. It is always changing, always a different color and mood.

Even though it is only a few weeks later, it's time to do another version that will be quite different than this one.

On a different take on the theme of Signs of Spring, I chose to depict two other distinctive signs. Namely, the mosquito and wood tick!

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