Friday, April 9, 2010

Guest Blog for Refuge Farm

I had the privilege to share some thoughts on Sandy Gilbert's blog for Refuge Farm in Spring Valley, WI, that you can read through the link. That was a different experience. I usually don't have a theme in mind when I write on my own blog until I sit down and first find a picture. I could write about whatever I wanted -- so subject matter was wide open. But, when you know other people are going to be reading it I had a case of stage fright!

The recession has been difficult for charitable organizations in general but the horse rescue has suffered a double-whammy. The number of horses that have been abandoned, neglected and abused is at an all time high due to the recession--on top of the decline of donated funds to keep the operation afloat. I am hoping to have a little fund raiser in conjunction with the Fresh Art Tour on May 14, 15, 16. Last fall it was a pumpkin sale so maybe I can have some bedding plants ready or something on that order.

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