Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week before the show

Here it is Sunday afternoon already, and it has been a very full week. I made a lot of glass this week and I'm starting to get it set up into some fashion for the show.

I had Lois and Anders here for a visit Friday afternoon which was a welcome diversion! Then "The Petersen Girls" were here yesterday afternoon. This minivan of ladies piles out--they seemed familiar but being in my dotage, I wasn't quite placing them until the conversation turned to Luck, and that they are Stella Petersen's daughters. A long time ago, but were such fun customers at Studio Works, Luck. I was just a little girl when they were the young singers in church with their brothers--very talented! Early 60's stuff! We chatted a bit, and I showed them my shop and talked about the lampshades, etc., that they have from the Luck store.

I got a little pony time in last evening. The girls have been so bored lately since I have been in work mode. I brought them a bunch of carrots from the garden and a bucket full of kale. Favorite treats! Chy wanted to play first and we had a little 22' line action--which triggered Cerra and Emmy into galloping and bucking fits! It was so fun! Chy was so responsive--loped with me and was jumping barrels like a breeze. She tried walking the balance beam--a new try for her--she offered. I didn't ask. We tried the trailer again and, as usual, it's just so close. By then it was dark and I had to quit under the rising half moon.

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