Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video production day

Fran and I had a big pony day yesterday. She asked me to film her audition for her Level 3 Parelli test so we set up the obstacle course and got the cameras charged up and went to work--or as we Parelli people say---PLAY! (I love work so I don't consider work a dirty word!)

Fran did two awesome routines--one "On Line" with a 45' line and the second one was "Freestyle" which was riding bareback--without a bridle!--a walk, trot, canter and a huge JUMP no less! I was behind the camera taking in every turn and I could only dream to ride like this young lady. She is doing the final computer work to put the clips on YouTube for the audition process so I'll post those later.

The funny part is that I tested for Level 2--which evidently I could do--bypassing Level 1 and getting both with two 10 minute auditions. One was on a 22' line and the other was riding. Our May 1st deadline was looming and after having had the experience with Farrah I realized I need to achieve some of these milestones so I can take more lessons from a level that is supported by official accomplishment. I think I'll be withholding my YouTube link!

The interesting part of this is--it has been said that if you once get your head into Level 3 you won't quit there. I have felt my head expanding after having had a long drought over winter. 

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