Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Days

Don's healing up and is getting less sore! I am making lots of glass for my little cluster of shops! The days are getting warmer and less windy! I got to ride two days in a row! Helga had her first swim of 2009! We are very thankful for having gotten "over the hump".

I got the seeds into trays for tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, broc, leeks and now await their little heads to come popping out. I got some bulbs for the patio pots and they have been soaking up moisture and I keep watching for any signs of life. It looks like spring really will happen.

I have had some interesting cat related dreams lately. Last night I dreamt the old Studio Works building was on fire (by bad people!) and I was gathering up my kitties and putting them in the "Big Red" van that I had years ago. Misha and Boris were first, then old Mr. Dusty, Sam, lots of calico kittens, Timber, and then Misha got in line and I rescued him to the van again! Trips back and forth to rescue their little souls--the most valuable things in the building! There were cats there that I had from YEARS AGO! It was great to "visit" with my dear friends (I do this with passed people a lot, too, but that's another tale). 

Misha (the kitty love of my adult life) was in my dreams a few nights ago and he was accompanied by his cohort Boris and many other youngster kitties. Evidently the cat magnet is working in my sleep, too. He was bringing me these cats--many of them. The same calico ones the same as in last night's dream. 

Maybe Paisley (yes, that is his new name) was sent here by Misha. After Misha and Boris I have been happily enjoying cats without health problems. Until Paisley. His vet visit tomorrow will be interesting and, as usual, expensive!

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