Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The beginning of the week.......

and this is going to be a big week! (We think any week with more than three things on the calendar is BIG!) Started Monday on a great note--Fran and I rode her two horses, Princess and Crest, the six mile trip down Big Hill to my place in preparation for lesson day on Wednesday with Farrah Green, Two Star Parelli Instructor, and Fran's mentor. I'm going to have a 90-minute lesson with Farrah on Wednesday, and Fran has organized a schedule of other people having lessons, too. This is a stop-over for Farrah as she picks up Fran to go to Madison for the Horse Expo. I have had lots of lessons with Fran and consider her my instructor so this should be interesting having lessons from another "professional"! I think I need 90 days instead of 90 minutes!!

Don and I went to his post-surgical appointment today in Eau Claire and Dr. Immerman had a look at his fine handiwork. Later he had an appointment with an internist who was recommended that he see for his high blood pressure. Fully expecting to come out with a prescription for blood pressure medication, he was instead scheduled for an appointment at the sleep clinic! He thinks Don's high blood pressure is a result of sleep apnea. I can attest to his problems sleeping and have suspected for a long time that he probably has this. Don thinks I have it too, so maybe we can make it a twosome at the sleep clinic. Turn off the cameras! 

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