Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stained Glass Class

Cutting strips and circles.
I had ten enthusiastic beginning stained glass students last Wednesday. I was contacted by Kitty Latane, Pepin Community Ed director, to offer a class and after some thought I decided to go for it.

Other than a couple other teaching experiences (like 15 years ago!) I have not had the experience of being on the instructional hot seat. It was kind of nerve wracking and it didn't help matters when I ran my palm into a sharp point and was the first one to head to the bandaid box! But, rather than throwing in the bloody towel, we pressed on and completed the Danish Heart.
Arranging the pieces of the Danish Heart before being soldered.

In all the years of having Studio Works I hired people to work for me and then taught them how to do stained glass. It's quite the novelty to be PAID to teach it this time around! This week we will be making heart ornaments and shamrocks in keeping with the season.


just me said...

Your a wonderful instructor Sherri :)

just me said...

Your a wonderful teacher Sherri :)