Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Arts West 35 Entries (that won't be in the show)

These didn't make it into the show. Oh well, maybe next year!

"Frosty Toes at Catfish Corner" - pastel 16x20"
"Frosty Toes" was done from a photograph I took a couple winters ago from the perspective of being at creek level. Most of my other "Catfish Corner" series were from a higher vantage point. And, yes, my toes were frosty when I was slogging through the snow to take the shot that chilly morning.

"Rough Elbows" oil on canvas 16x20"
Another photo outing involved hoar frost on a massive and ancient cottonwood tree. Tradition is the only thing holding this tree up! The base is probably 5' in diameter and is HOLLOW. I could stand up in the center of this tree. It towers any other tree in the area and it's knarly! Someday it will no longer stand and I'll be glad to have this memento of a unique and beautiful tree.

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