Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ty Joins the Herd at Catfish Corner

The big rig trailer from Refuge Farms pulled into the driveway Tuesday morning. Sandy Gilbert was carrying precious cargo. His name, New York Style.....or Ty for short, was on board and he has had quite a couple weeks.

He was moved out of a fancy show barn in the southern part of the state after his owner decided she needed a "fully functioning" show horse. Ty didn't want to canter under saddle so his days were numbered there when the owner contacted Sandy about surrendering him to Refuge Farms.

The first I knew about him was through the mass email Sandy sends when there is an urgent need for a quick placement. Her barns are full, that's for sure! This fellow was so highly placeable I couldn't resist warming up for a solo.....ME, ME, ME, ME.... !

But, am I nuts? in horse crazy. What am I doing even thinking of having such a magnificent creature---10 years old, 16HH, and a half arab saddlebred show horse? I'm guilty of having had several second childhoods, so, hey, what's one more?! I'm proof even old ladies can have dreams come true.

My first visit to him last week up at Sandy's confirmed we were compatible. We played lots of friendly games, and had some ground time on the 22' line. He's outgoing and can move quickly. A left-brained extrovert---much like my Cheyenne, but with a quiet thoughtful way about him. The hyper alert looking ears could have meant a flighty and reactive nature but he was only attentive and curious.

Sandy and I are entranced by him....and we are talking! Talking horse like a couple of schoolgirls! Watching for every nuance. Interpreting the horsey-lingo-jingo that we were getting from him and fitting it into a HORSENALITY.  Then the saddle came out and I threw a leg over. Wow! He's huge... to me!

First ride on Ty at Sandy Gilbert's Refuge Farms

Fast forward one week later. The real fun came after this heavenly hunka horse came off the trailer and met his new pasture mates. We were so prepared for fireworks....hoping no one would get hurt, or kicked. It turned out to be a "non event"! We could hardly believe how easily he was accepted by my now drooling mares! They haven't had a MAN around the house for nearly three years so he was welcomed wholeheartedly by "the girls". 

We are having fun getting to know each other. I treat him as I would any strange horse---I'm playing it slow.  We are having successful ground sessions teaching him the Parelli games and he's learning what I want very quickly. I guess that's what happens when you talk HORSE to the horse. I'm learning about his experience, the gaps that can be filled, and how to connect with his lovely mind. 

It seems Ty has really taken to his new life of sunshine, green grass and enjoying someone who can spend undemanding time with him. I feel so blessed to have this bay beauty!

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Sandy said...

Oh Sherri,
How exciting, I so wish I could help take one too! He is magnificent!!! I have never seen an Arab /Saddlebred cross, wow....just because he was show sour he was getting the boot, my gosh....I bet he has never been on a trail careful...and love the dickens out of him! I hope to come to E.C. this fall, I really want to see your place and Refugee Farms! Good work cousin!!!! Hugs, Sandy