Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ramblings By The River

We had a little jaunt down the bend we call Catfish Corner. After losing one of our geese we decided we had better go do a little investigating. Especially when two others disappeared! The eagle nest is busy and my little camera zoom did a pretty good job considering how far away it is.
Maggie was thrilled to have a good long swim in the icy water. She is such a fear, no shivering, just FUN. We found the two missing geese down by the railroad bridge. They wanted no part of us and just kept swimming farther away.

It was very chilly out and by the time we got back I was frozen. The goofy weather swinging from 70's to 40's in the course of a day is getting to be a regular event. Two days earlier I was on the roof cleaning out the chimney and two days later we are having a fire in the fireplace.
Molly did her best dead cat impersonation while soaking up as much heat as possible.

The bluebirds are nesting and this one must be getting his instructions by satellite. 

The large and fancy Mr. Ty has been here a little over a week now. He's so friendly and inquisitive. The "girls" have gotten over the novelty of having him around so he has be relegated to #3 and usually #4 in the herd. Ladies rule the roost! Sandy Gilbert of Refuge Farms wrote an update to her blog about "The Resurrection of Ty" She says the kindest things. 

Ty & I  had our first lesson with Fran Latane, Two-Star Parelli instructor, on Thursday. Starting with The Seven Games all horses should know. First was our Friendly Game which he is very good at. He is up to speed in that department. I can throw the string over him, his head, all around the body and he's a rock. Moving along to The Porcupine Game... I ask to move his body with my fingers. The goal is to first press the AIR, then the HAIR and if necessary, press the BONE.  He is pretty good, but has some areas of resistance that he just hasn't learned about yet. But I have every confidence he will being the quick smart horse he is. 

The Driving and Circling games were a little more challenging, just that he is so used to just plowing forward. Asking for him to disengage the hindquarters, look at me, and come in was a foreign concept. Moving the forehand? Very resistant. Fran had to help us both to get the technique in place and when we tried it out again yesterday he had already processed the concept and was pretty darned good. Those seemingly few things took the whole hour. We'll get some practice in this week before our next session on Thursday. 

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