Monday, September 27, 2010

The young roosters (as yet unnamed) are getting pretty big and are trying out their new lives. Chasing hens, and trying to do a proper cockadoodle-doooo are their main interests. Their voices are in the process of changing and we have been chuckling about the "tin horns" going off in the yard. Wilted sounding wails have been building to a feeble rooster crow.  Each day they get a little stronger so one of these mornings we should have a real start-of-the-day COCKADOODLE DOOOOO! 

Their other interest--that in the multitude of females,  has been a work in progress also. The older hens are still chasing them off the feed piles so I don't think they will have success soon in that department either. Doesn't stop them from thinking about it though.

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Odie Langley said...

I miss the days when we had lots of chickens walking around and even peacocks. Talk about a noise in the morning, they could be a pain early in the morning. Have a great day.