Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Shy Guy

My little shy fellow Jack has been having his own health crisis these days. He has been losing weight and after a trip to the vet I found that chronic kidney disease is working on him.

The first trip a few weeks ago resulted in a course of antibiotics. I thought he had bad teeth, but evidently the kidney disease was causing his icky mouth. I administered his medicine and I suddenly had a new cat. Not a healthy one, but a new one cat-onality-wise. He was moving about the house! He has lived in our bedroom for the past three years and rarely ventured out. Now he's sunning in the window--and hopping up on laps. This isn't the Jack we used to know. I even VACUUMED near him and he seemed nonplussed. So, the Sick Jack is more outgoing than the Regular Jack. I'm not sure how to take this.

We are watching him all the time now--which makes it easier to monitor how much water and food he gets. I got a bag of lactated ringers for him on Saturday and gave him a dose of fluids subcutaneously and that seemed to perk him up. I suspect this will become the routine that could continue for a long time. Let's hope for a long time.

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