Sunday, July 18, 2010

Andy Get Your Gun

The general philosophy at Catfish Corner is that everyone can live here, predator or prey, as long as we all get along nicely with each other. That has worked for us for many years until the coyotes decided it wasn't good enough to just eat wild game.

A couple weeks ago I had the good fortune to pop a bold one out in the driveway who was trying to kill a chicken. After losing dozens of hens since spring it was very satisfying to even the score. After a couple quiet weeks without any losses we hoped they had moved on. However, this week we lost a baby goose so this means the war against coyotes is on again and this most recent attack has us looking for a more effective solution.

Don put meat out for bait by the green house and the trail camera to see if they can be drawn in. Last evening we got the pictures were were waiting for. Now he will set a trap out and hope this one comes back for another free meal. Hopefully it's his last one.

And yes, I did update the date and time on the camera!