Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rub a dub dub

Two geese in each tub. The babies are getting really grown up now.

The creek at Catfish Corner is overflowing its bank from our last 3" of rain. We have had 13" for the month of June so things are lush--and the mossies are thick.

The 28 new chicks are getting big enough to go on an "outing"--a little trip out onto the edge of the driveway. They got some of the great outdoors and came back in feistier than ever. I don't think these gals are going to be the hold-in-your-hand variety.

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Amanda said...

Just stumbled onto your blog with the "next blog" option on the bar at the top.. and I liiiike the pictures you have here. I love the country too. Anyway, nice blog! I think I'll follow you here!