Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello! I'm back.....

The flurry of activity following the art tour got the best of me. I have done lots of "puttin' the garden in"....takin' the horses out..... gettin' the house cleaned up......raisin' the chicks and sometimes even....... well, ..... sleepin'!!!!

Four of the five goose eggs hatched and at three weeks they are really getting big! I got baby chicks last week and have 14 Black Sex Link (good grief, what a name :-( !!!  and 14 Silver Lace Wyandottes. So--let's just say---Solid Blacks, and Black with white dots!

They are doing great--so fun to watch. Helga (dog) and Paisley (cat) love to sit by their pen in the barn and  They are so cute!!

It's also been haying season (before the rains set in) and it was a challenge for our neighbor to get the first crop it. It got rained on so some lucky beef cattle will get to eat this cutting. We will wait for our horse hay until later.
  I'm working this weekend on a set of cabinet doors for this beautiful wine cabinet. It is going to be auctioned off at the Durand Sportsmans' Club annual event this coming Wednesday. It is being built by Leanna Fayerweather who is a master cabinetmaker and donates her efforts for the cause through the generous offering of her talent. 

We have had all kinds of goofy little deals going on here ---a broken faucet in the bathroom that caused a wet surprise in that room, a tree that decided to tip over and several nearby that needed to be dealt with,  and an almost daily attack by a fox/and/or coyote on the few remaining hens in our yard. 

To top if off-----it is our 16th Wedding Anniversary this weekend! Yeah! We dreamed of a life together---and all the rest of this, I guess is .........the frosting.

And it is sweet!

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Wanda said...

Those chicks are too cute! You have had a very busy Spring!