Saturday, March 27, 2010

On The Road

I drove Fran to meet her mentor, Two Star Parelli instructor, Farrah Green, at Albert Lea on Tuesday. I had precious cargo: her two horses, Princess and Crest as the trailer passengers. Fran drove her car and led the way across the Minnesota prairie. She kept ahead of me like a jack rabbit being chased by hounds, while I poked along at my boring 55 mph! I haven't been on such a long trailer ride since our trip to Madison back in.....07? when she was on the Parelli Savvy Team.

We switched the horses to Farrah's trailer in the Travel America parking lot. Like well-mannered Parelli trained horses they went up the ramp of the big fancy trailer! And off they went to  Heartland Ventures where Fran will be helping Farrah for the next several weeks. Hope she blogs about it so we can follow her adventures.

It has been several years since Don and I traveled to SoDak so I was surprised to see the large number of windmills that have sprung up.

I got off a couple shots but they look puny compared to the actual size. They are HUGE!

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